March 22nd, 2007

Updated Lapua Website with Cartridge Data

Folks, you should check this out. Lapua, maker of match ammo, Scenar bullets, and our favorite brass, has completely revamped its website. You’ll find detailed specs on .223 Rem, 6BR, 6.5×47, 6.5×55 and .308 Win Match Ammo. You can download a free Reloading Guide or the complete 2007 Lapua Brochure (A full megabyte but well worth the download). You can also leave feedback that will be read by the folks in Finland who actually build and test Lapua ammo, bullets and brass.

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March 22nd, 2007

New Bench Mount for Spotting Scopes

Creedmoor Scope mountCreedmoor Sports has a fine new product that lets you securely mount a spotting scope to a bench. You can position the scope right where you need it, without using “real estate” on the benchtop. We recently tried one of these units while testing our rimfire project gun and it worked great. The rifle had a 36X comp scope on top and the field of view was too small to see mirage running along the bottom of the target stand. With the scope set at 18x we could see the mirage plus wind flags. Being able to use the spotter without having to move off the bench was great. The $75.98 Creedmoor mount is made from 1″ aluminum tubing and works with any 1″ scope head. Note: the Kowa scope and Big Blue scope head, are NOT included.

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