March 13th, 2007

Better B.C. with Pointed Bullet Tips

John Whidden Pointing Bullet DieAce long-range shooter John Whidden has introduced a new bullet-pointing system that promises to improve the B.C. of match bullets significantly. John tells us that “tests have shown these bullets to have a typical B.C. increase of about 35 to 40 points as compared to bullets right out of the box,” and at 1000 yards, “we usually see them impact about 1-1.5 MOA higher. We have reports of .224 80-grainers shooting 2.5 MOA higher just by pointing.” The proof is in the shooting. Our own Jason Baney has experimented with Clinch Rivers that had the tips pointed up (not by John though). Jason reports: “Shot round-robin, with my 6BR, 5-shot group centers were 18″+ apart vertically. In other words, the pointed bullets flew 1.75MOA flatter to 1025 yards. This number has been repeated in matches at Williamsport.”

What about trimming meplats instead? Well, that does make bullet to bullet B.C. more consistent, but, unfortunately, it reduces the B.C. somewhat at the same time. Pointing the bullet tips with a special pointing die raises the effective B.C. and makes the B.C. more consistent by taking the ragged edges off the meplats. For more info, call John Whidden at (229) 686-1911 or visit

Whidden Gun Works

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