April 27th, 2007

ARA Champ Shows Rimfire Technique

Californian Joe Friedrich recently shot a perfect 2500 score on the ARA rimfire target. We are working on a feature story about Joe, who is the ARA 2006 Aggregate Overall Champion. If you’ve never seen how a tuned, 17-lb “full-race” custom 22LR rifle performs on a one-piece rest, check out this Shooting Video. (Right click and “save as” to download, or left click if you have the Windows Media Player plug-in.) Note that the gun only recoils about half an inch. You may have to watch very carefully to see the gun move at all. If you look at the back of the action, however, you can see the rear of the bolt snap forward as Joe pulls the trigger, set at about two ounces. When conditions are good, and the barrel is warmed up, Joe can shoot one-ragged-hole 5-shot groups with this gun at 50 yards. Joe uses red box Eley EPS Ultimate ammo in his Bill Myers-built rifle. The rest is a Miller Uni-Rest with a Fudd sand-bag top.

Joe Friedrich ARA rimfire

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