April 30th, 2007

DogTown Varmint Bullets–$8.99/100

MidwayUSA dogtown varmint bulletMidwayUSA’s very affordable “DogTown” bullets have been popular with varminters who may load thousands of rounds for an extended varminting holiday. These are made by a major bullet manufacturer under special contract for MidwayUSA. Now though May 31, 2007, 20-cal and 224-cal “DogTown” bullets are on sale. The 34gr HP 20s (item 984804), 50gr Soft Point 22s (item 834645), and 55gr Soft Point 22s (item 817539) are just $8.99 per hundred. That’s a steal. Here’s what some of MidwayUSA’s customers have said about the 34gr 20-cal “DogTown” bullets:

“Tried them for the 1st time in my Savage 204. Five shots into a quarter inch. Three shots into one small hole. I have not gotten groups this small with any other brand of bullet. And [the DogTowns are] at a reduced price too!”
— R. Vernon, Idaho (3/20/07)

“Outstanding bullet! Using W748 … this bullet will perform hands down. Shooting a Kimber .204 with a 12 twist I kept three shots you could cover with a nickel at a 100 yards[.] Also great consistancy in weight values as well, nothing more than 2/10ths of a grain between each bullet. I’m also using the Redding Comp dies and seating them just off the lands.”
— P. Jones, Texas (4/9/07)

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