April 2nd, 2007

Elastic Weight Ring for Rifle Balance

gunstock ankle weightCredit Joe Friedrich for this simple yet effective accessory for your benchrest rifle. Joe shoots a .22LR with a tuner. When he added weights to his tuner, he found his rifle no longer balanced well. He wanted to add a substantial amount of weight in the rear without drilling holes in the stock. He also wanted the weight to be removable, and easily placed on another rifle in his stable.

At a local sporting goods shop Joe found a 1.5-lb ankle weight that comes in a padded, tubular elastic cover. It’s like a 1.5-lb sausage in a soft, stretchy nylon cover. (Imagine a really fat, heavy bungee cord). Joe simply attached a plastic zip tie at the end to make a loop that fits perfectly over his buttstock. To “tune” the rifle’s balance, Joe just slides the ankle weight fore and aft on the stock. Yesterday we tried it on a variety of different BR stocks (including a McMillan Edge) and it worked perfectly. This is a great invention, and would work with sporter rifles and ARs just as well. Click HERE for big photo.

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