April 4th, 2007

Forming 260 Rem AI Cases

Chris Long (Techshooter) has produced a detailed article on how to form 260 Remington Ackley Improved Cases. With nice, big photos illustrating the process, Chris explains how to form your cases, using either bullets, or an inert filler (no projectile). Chris also covers how to place a false shoulder in the cases prior to fire-forming. This creates a slight crush-fit, helping the shoulders to form more reliably, with fewer split necks. Chris formed cases using both Remington-brand 260 Rem cases, and Lapua .243 Win cases necked up to 6.5mm. Chris discusses how doughnuts can form when necking-up .243 Win brass and how doughnuts can interfere with bullet seating. Chris then explains how to remove the doughnuts using inside neck reaming. Click HERE to read article.

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