April 30th, 2007

Sources for RWS products

RWS makes some of the very best brass in the business. Many of the top 1000-yard shooters use RWS brass for their big 30-caliber rifles, starting with a cartridge such as the 8×68, or 375 H&H magnum. RWS also offers premium brass for many of the big game and hunting calibers such as the 380 Blaser, 7mm Rem Mag, and 8×57. The primary importer for RWS products is UmarexUSA in Fort Smith, AR, (479) 646-4210. RWS brass is offered by UmarexUSA, MidwayUSA.com, and Natchez Shooters Supply. RWS brass is now on sale at Natchez, with most calibers 30% off. Here are some examples:

RWS 6.5×68, RW2144697, $19.98/20
RWS .280 Rem, RW2144514, $21.06/20
RWS 7×57, RW2144484, $16.20/20
RWS 7mm Rem Mag, RW2144875, $21.06/20
RWS 30-06, RW2144433, $20.52/20
RWS 300 Win Mag, RW2144778, $19.44/20

Many of our users have asked: “Where can one get RWS primers?” Unfortunately, RWS primers have not been directly imported into the USA for at least two years, and there are no plans to resume importation. None of the major vendors we polled, including Graf & Sons, MidSouth, MidwayUSA, and Natchez Shooters Supply, currently carry RWS primers. We discussed primer availability with Alan Newcombe, North American consultant for RUAG/RWS. Alan told us “The exchange rate and import duties are the problem. If RWS were to import primers right now, they’d have to cost $45-$50 per box of 1000. RUAG, RWS’s parent company, believes it could not sell sufficient quantities of primers at that price point, so there are no plans on the horizon to import RWS primers any time soon.”

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