July 8th, 2007

Recoil Comparison 223 vs. 6BR vs. 308

Many visitors to the site ask us, “I’ve got a .223 and .308. What will a 6BR give me that I’m not getting already?” Well first you will probably get consistently smaller groups than your current .223 or .308 rifle. Even with a Rem 700 or Savage action, a 6BR with a premium barrel and a high-quality chambering job should deliver 5-shot groups in the high twos to mid-threes, provided you do your job. Compared to a .223, the 6BR offers a much better selection of high-BC projectiles, and will deliver considerably more power on the target. Compared to the .308 shooting 168gr MatchKings, a 6BR shooting 105-107gr bullets offers better ballistics all the way out to 1000 yards. Plus the 6BR is just easier to shoot than a .308. Recoil is less than half of the .308 cartridge. Both the .308 and 6BR chamberings offer good barrel life, but the 6BR uses 50% less powder, saving you money. Here’s how the 6BR stacks up vs. a number of popular calibers:

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