August 9th, 2007

Glen Harrison Launches New Action-Making Company

Glen Harrison, originator of the Nesika Bay actions, is starting a new action-building company. His Nesika Bay operation was integrated into Dakota Arms two years ago, but Dakota Arms is now in Chapter 11 re-organization. It looks like Glen is moving back out on his own, separate from Dakota/Nesika, to produce an action with a new name, produced by a new company. Harrison has partnered with industry experts and financial backers to form a brand new company. The actions will be available for custom hunting rifle makers as well as upscale rifle builders. The company is being formed with Harrison’s input. The new company plans to debut its new bolt actions at the 2008 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Harrison, an active benchrest competitive shooter, has been building precision bolt actions for over 15 years. His actions are renowned for tight tolerances and outstanding accuracy. Harrison-designed actions have won numerous Benchrest, Palma, Silhouette, 1000-yard Benchrest, and Tactical matches throughout the world.

Below is a beautiful Palma rifle built with a Harrison-designed action and Robertson Composites stock. Be sure to Click Here for large photo.

Chad Dixon Nesika Palma

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