August 30th, 2007

New Bushmaster Website with Advanced Features

Bushmaster Firearms unveiled its impressive new website this week. The upgraded site now makes it easier to select guns and accessories for particular applications including competition, hunting/varminting, and self-defense. Bushmaster is clearly intent on becoming more than a “black rifle company”. A quick look at the website reveals that Bushmaster wants to promote the use of AR15-style rifles for hunting and target shooting. It speaks volumes that Bushmaster includes a picture of a female Service Rifle competitor on its new home page.

Bushmaster Service Rifle

The upgraded site has many cool features, including an advanced, interactive Flash diagram that allows users to view all the internals of an AR15 as it cycles. You can choose from different views, including transparent and cutaway. Definitely check this out. Tip: To see all the internal workings, including shell loading/ejection, hammer function, and buffer operation, click “Zoom In” twice, center the lower receiver using your mouse, and select “Split” from the menu bar.

Bushmaster’s revamped website features a modern, secure e-commerce shopping cart system, with detailed specs and high-quality photos for all models including the new Real-Tree Camo Varminter (below).

Bushmaster Varminters

The Bushmaster site is now structured to serve six “Communities”, each representing a particular sector of the shooting market: Hunting, Competition, Law Enforcement, Military, Recreation, and Home Defense.

Bushmaster Communities

Said Tom Tyler, Bushmaster Manager of Customer Service and Retail Sales “Besides information on the various rifle products Bushmaster offers, the new site provides an ‘e-shopping’ environment that has evolved from just parts, to one that now consists of accessories and associated items relating to the rifle market place to include; optics, cleaning kits, AR15 accessories, magazines etc.”

Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC (BFI) is the leading supplier of AR15-type rifles in the United States for Law Enforcement, Security applications, and consumer applications. Headquartered in Windham, Maine with manufacturing facilities in Windham and Lake Havasu, AZ, BFI supplies both Aluminum and Carbon Fiber-based AR15 type rifles and accessories to its US customer base, as well as LEO and Military customers worldwide. BFI, along with Remington Arms, is owned by Cerberus, a large holding company.

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