August 11th, 2007

New "CARB-Out" from Inventor of "Wipe-Out" Foam

Chemist and entrepreneur Terry Paul, creator of Wipe-Out foam bore cleaner, has come up with a new product, “CARB-Out”. This is specifically designed to remove carbon from rifle bores, including the stubborn carbon ring that can build up with extended firings.

Initial test reports are very promising. CARB-out is out-performing Shooters Choice and Hoppes Elite (aka MPro-7), two of the most popular carbon solvents on the market. Terry Paul claims his new “CARB-Out” will “knock out stubborn carbon rings better than anything out there–you don’t need abrasives anymore.” One of the “superstars” of short-range benchrest, we’ll just call him “Mr. T” for his first name, has been using “CARB-Out” in major matches this year. It has replaced Iosso paste in his cleaning kit.

Terry Paul SharpShoot-R CARB-Out

You can order “CARB-Out” from SharpShoot-R™ Precision Products, Terry’s company, or from MidwayUSA, which expects to receive its first supplies of CARB-Out next week. At MidwayUSA, CARB-Out costs $8.49 for an 8 oz. aerosol bottle (item #312649). For more info, call SharpShoot-R™ at (785) 883-4444. Terry himself might just answer the phone.

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