September 18th, 2007

F-Class Nationals–Robert Bock and Brad Sauve Win Titles

The F-Class National Championship (FCNC) was a very tightly-fought competition, with the final placings going down to the wire in both F-Open and F-TR (Target Rifle) classes. Robert Bock shot superbly in very switchy conditions at 1000 yards to win the Open Title, followed by Jim Kramer in second, and Jeff Cochran (2005 Open-Class Champ) in third. John Brewer, who won the event in 2004, told us: “Robert Bock was sharing my bunkhouse at the match. Rob’s a talented shooter and deserved the win. We had some tough conditions–to give you an idea, only three or four shooters in F-Open were able to shoot at the NRA ‘Master’ level based on their scores. And the switchy winds played havoc with the leaderboard. Only a few points separated first through 8th place.” In F-Open team comps, Team Berger took the 600-yard title, while Team Sierra Spindle Shooters prevailed in the 1000-yard match.

In F-TR, Brad Sauve came from behind on the last day to earn his third F-TR National Championship (2004, 2006, 2007). In second was Forum member Monte Milanuk (Congrats Monte!), followed by Darrell Buell. Brad has now captured three out of the four U.S. F-TR championships, grabbing back-to-back titles in 2006/2007. Brad also anchored the Sinclair International 4-man squad that captured the both of the F-TR team events this year, edging runner-up Team Savage. Brad provided with this report: “My teammates on Team Sinclair this year were Paul Phillips, Warren Dean, and Derek Rodgers. This was the first FCNC for both Warren and Derek and they shot superbly on the team. We couldn’t have won without them. Paul Phillips coached our team this year. Paul was also a member of our winning team in 2004 and 2005. In 2006, when we also won, Paul unfortunately was not able to attend, but I had the good fortune that year to shoot with Shawn McKenna, Dale Carpenter (2005 FCNC FTR National Champion) and Lane Buxton (2007 US Palma team member). This year, Sinclair International graciously allowed us to use their name for our team. Three of the four team members also used Sinclair bipods during the team events.”


Brad added: “2007 played out exactly like 2004 and 2006 for me in the individual events. Once again I had to come back from behind on the last day. Assignment to the last relay on both Day 1 and Day 2 made it more difficult to keep up with the first match scores of some of the F-TR shooters who were placed in earlier relays when the winds were lighter, but a majority of the F-TR shooters were in the same predicament as I was. Fortunately, efforts were taken by match officials to place F-TR shooters in the same relay during Day 3. I know that in those last two days of shooting, I kept rubbing a fireman medallion that a past teammate gave me for luck many many times.”

Brad Sauve F-Class Champion

Brad’s equipment was a key factor: “I used another BAT-actioned, MasterClass-stocked rifle this year and shot 155gr Sierra MatchKings again. The only difference really between the two rifles is the color of the stock. I was so happy with the rifle that won the 2006 FCNC that I ordered another in 2007. BAT Machine and Alex Sitman of MasterClass Stocks have to be given alot of credit for producing two fine rifles.”

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