September 18th, 2007

Norma Offers 6XC Loaded Ammo

We recently spoke to Norma’s Anders Brolund. He confirmed that Norma is now producing 6XC loaded ammo for general distribution. This is loaded with Norma 203B powder (similar to Reloder 15) and a moly-coated Berger 105gr bullet. Velocity is 3026 fps from a 26″ barrel. Ultra-accurate, this ammo is already proven in competition. Using factory-loaded 6XC Diamond-line ammo, Anders Brolund, Michael Larsson, and Stefan Ahlesved of “Team Sweden” captured the 300m Prone event at European Championships. This week, Norma’s shooters will campaign the 6XC ammo in the European Cup, a prestigious individual event with 12,000 Euros of prize money up for grabs. The CIP max pressure rating for the 6XC cartridge is 63,844 psi (4400). However, we believe the factory ammo is loaded to a lower pressure level for greater brass longevity.

Norma 6XC ammo
Norma 6XC ammo

Anders told us: “The 6XC ammo is really good and the Europeans are buying all we can produce right now. But we hope to increase production so that you North Americans can get some before the end of the year.”

Norma has also enhanced its website with many great new features including cartridge profiles (with diagrams), load data, and an interactive Java-based ballistics calculator. Definitely visit Norma’s new home on the web,

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