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October 31st, 2007

NEW 3-inch Diameter Rest Feet From Nielson

Don Nielson is now producing a new set of anodized aluminum front rest feet. Coated with non-slip rubber on the bottom, these large (3″-diameter) feet are the biggest on the market. They do an excellent job, pretty much eliminating any sliding or shifting movement of your rest, even with large calibers. Don notes: “I call these benchsavers ‘Pucks’. They provide added stability, and avoid the problem of creating divots in your bench tops. I custom-make each unit, and engrave the customer’s name on the Puck at no extra charge.” Don also has a special Puck version for the speed-screw foot. This features a ball bearing positioned directly under the speed-screw shaft tip. The bearing reduces friction, allowing easier, more positive adjustment. Basic Nielson Pucks are $20 each, while the ball bearing model is $30.00. (Prices plus shipping). To order, contact Don Nielson at (818) 883-5866.


Don Nielson rest foot puck

Don Nielson rest foot puck

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October 31st, 2007

Sierra Upgrades Infinity Ballistics Software

Sierra Bullets has released an upgraded version of its Infinity ballistics software. The latest release, Infinity 6, includes new features, boasts improved functionality, and is now fully compatible with Windows Vista.

New Infinity software features include: 1) Improved Atmospheric modeling; 2) Revised print formats with MOA (clicks) column; 3) Tabular formats for tactical shooters in MOA and MIL including up/down angle calculations; 4) Wind Profiler calculates trajectory in 5 separate wind zone conditions; and, 5) Twist Rate Calculator reports optimal twist rate, based on bullet specs/muzzle velocity/stability factor. The new Infinity version 6 will sell for $39.95 while Infinity Suite v. 6 (which includes the entire 5th Edition Rifle+Handgun Reloading manual on CD) retails for $59.95. For more info, contact Sierra at (800) 223-8799 or sierra [at]

Sierra Infinity software v. 6

[Editor’s Note: If you currently have Windows XP and you haven’t upgraded to Windows Vista, I strongly suggest you don’t. Vista is still haunted by numerous compatibility issues and it is a resource hog that is very slow to load.]

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October 30th, 2007

Hoppe's .579" Group — Best Ever at 600 Yards

Here is a photo of Bob Hoppe’s 0.579″ five-shot group shot recently in Sacramento. This is truly an impressive achievement. Bob shot the group with a 6mm Dasher (Light Gun), Varget powder, and Hornady 105-grain Amax bullets. The group isn’t officially certified as a record yet, but I spoke to Don Nielson, an NBRSA Officer, and he believes the group will eventually certify well under 0.6″. “I measured it myself,” Don said, “and Robert deserves to be proud. That’s one heck of a group, and we’re pleased it was shot in an NBRSA match.” Robert’s group represents the smallest 5-shot group ever shot in registered benchrest competition at 600 yards.


NBRSA 600-yard record

To give you a reference, the true size of the inner, white X-Ring is 1.2 inches in diameter. Note: This photo was taken at a inclined angle with a slightly wide-angle lens. That’s why the target circles are slightly distorted. For record purposes the group size is determined by measuring centerpoint to centerpoint of the most distant bullet holes.

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October 30th, 2007

New Products from ScopeCoat

ScopeCoat Scope ProtectorWith the price of some premium scopes edging to $2500.00 (and beyond), it’s more important than ever to provide extra protection for your expensive optics. ScopeCoat produces covers that shield scopes with a layer of neoprene rubber (wetsuit material) sandwiched between nylon. In addition to its basic covers, sold in a variety of sizes and colors, ScopeCoat has released two new heavy-duty products that provide added security.

The XP-6 Flak Jacket™ is specifically designed for extra protection and special applications. The 6mm-thick layer of neoprene is three times thicker than the standard ScopeCoat. XP-6 Flak Jackets are designed for tall turrets, with sizes that accommodate either two or three adjustment knobs (for both side-focus and front-focus parallax models). To shield an expensive NightForce, March, or Schmidt & Bender scope, this a good choice. XP-6 covers come in black color only, and are available for both rifle-scopes and spotting scopes. Shown below is an XP-6 Flak Jacket™ on a Leupold Spotting Scope.

ScopeCoat Scope Protector

The newest ScopeCoat product is a 6mm XP-6 cover with ZIPPER. This is designed for removable optics that need protection when in storage. The full-length, zippered closure goes on quick-and-easy and provides more complete protection against dust, shock, and moisture. Suggested Retail Price is $30.

ScopeCoat Scope Protector

Photo Courtesy Shooting USA.

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October 29th, 2007

Nielson and new March 10-60x52mm Scope Shine in Sacramento

Here it is folks, the March 10-60x52mm, the most powerful premium zoom rifle-scope ever offered to the public. There are three prototypes now in the United States. One is on Don Nielson’s 6.5×47 Lapua Bench gun. He shot that rifle this weekend in Sacramento at a 600-yard match in Heavy Gun class (though the rifle is light enough to shoot in Light Class). Don’s results speak for themselves–Don finished first in HG Agg., LG Agg., HG Score (283-3X), 2-Gun Score (421-3X), and 2-Gun Aggregate (3.0xx”). The HG score, 2-Gun score, and 2-Gun Agg are all new NBRSA records for the new target with its tiny 1.2″ X-Ring.

Yep, that’s a pretty good showing for a scope in its first-ever match (and yes, you have to credit Don’s great shooting as well). The March showed itself to be very reliable and repeatable. The big question we had “can it resolve 6mm bullet holes at 600 yards?” was answered with a resounding “Yes!”. Don tells us that, with the 10-60x March “he could see bullet holes very well in the white.” In the light blue section of the target, holes were harder to see but Don could still clearly see where his group was forming up.

We’re pleased to see that the zoom March offers 60 MOA of elevation–good enough for 1000 yards. The scope has a 52mm objective, 30mm main tube, 40 MOA of windage, and weighs 24.8 ounces (704 grams). It has a side-focus parallax control, 1/8-MOA clicks, and focuses from 50 yards to infinity. Currently, the only reticle choice is a 1/16-MOA dot, but that could change with production models. Apart from its anticipated $2500-$2600 price, the only negative concern we have with the new March scope is the exit pupil. Even with a generous 52mm front objective, the exit pupil is under 1mm at 60-power. That’s very small and will make head/eye position very critical when using the March at full magnification. The top photo below shows the March on Don’s trademark orange rifle.


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October 29th, 2007

Olin Sells Metal Business — Retains Winchester Ammunition Operations

Olin WinchesterOlin Corporation (NYSE: OLN), makers of Winchester Ammunition, announced today that it signed a definitive agreement to sell its Metals business to a subsidiary of Global Brass and Copper Holdings, Inc., an affiliate of KPS Capital Partners, LP, for a purchase price of $400 million. The sale includes all of the Company’s worldwide Metals operations, including its manufacturing facilities in Illinois, Ohio, Connecticut, and Missouri, as well as its A. J. Oster metals service centers. The sale is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2007.

Olin will continue its Winchester Ammunition operation, which supplies Winchester® sporting ammunition, canister powder and reloading components to recreational shooters worldwide and to military and law enforcement agencies.

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October 28th, 2007

Hoppe Breaks NBRSA 600-yard Record with 0.579" Group

Records continue to fall. Robert Hoppe of Reno, NV just smashed the NBRSA 600-yard record with a 0.579″ five-shot group at 600 yards. Don Nielson just called with the news from this weekend’s 600-yard NBRSA match at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center.

Robert was shooting a 6mm Dasher with Varget powder and 105gr Hornady Amax bullets. His gun has a 28″ Hart Barrel, Panda Action with Jewell trigger, Dierks carbon fiber stock (photo below), and Nightforce 8-32X scope.

Dierks Carbon Fiber Stock

At the match, Don Nielson was using one of the new 10-60X52 March zoom scopes. Don has one of three prototypes now in the USA. Don reports: “The scope is outstanding. I could see bullet holes very well at 600 yards in the white. In the light blue area of the target they were harder to pick out, but still visible in good conditions.” Don promised to provide some photos of the new March 10-60 when he returns from Sacramento. Rumored price on the new scope, if it goes into production, will be $2500-$2600.

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October 28th, 2007

Western CMP Games Results

Results for the 2007 Western CMP Games and Creedmoor Cup Matches are now availalble online at the Civilian Marksmanship Website, To navigate directly to the results page, CLICK HERE. The CMP Games ran Oct. 20-23. The Creedmoor Cup started on Oct. 24 and will conclude this sunday, the 28th.

Western CMP Games 2007

The CMP’s “First Shot” Online Magazine features a full match report on the Western CMP Games. Author Gary Anderson writes: “Wind was a dominating factor in the 2007 Western CMP Games that took place at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility north of Phoenix, AZ on 20-23 October. The matches began with a clinic attended by over 70 new shooters on 20 October. When the 126 competitors who checked in for the first Garand, Springfield and Vintage Military Rifle Matches returned on Sunday morning, the overnight arrival of a strong high pressure system with sustained winds of 30 mph and gusts up to 60 mph forced the cancellation of the day’s matches. Two 30-shot events were fired on Monday when strong winds of 15-30 mph prevailed. Then on Tuesday, the final day of the Western Games Matches, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and the winds were dead calm.”

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October 28th, 2007

Harris Swivel Bipods on Sale Again At MidwayUSA

Now through November 30th, MidwayUSA has sliced $15.00 off the price of the our two favorite Harris Bipods, the BR swivel model and the Medium (9-13″) swivel model with notches. If you don’t have a Harris bipod yet, now is a great time to buy.

With light-recoiling calibers, the short, 6-9″ Benchrest model Harris bipod works very well on benches and is more handy than carrying around a big, heavy pedestal front rest. This short bipod works great with many rimfire rifles. For bench-shooting, the “S-BRM” model with swivel, Midway item 155546, is ideal. We like the fast and positive height adjustment offered by the leg notches. If you prefer, the S-BR model without notches, Midway item 652827, allows you to fine-tune the leg height. Both “BR” bipods are sale-priced at $79.99 ($15.00 off regular price).

Harris BR Swivel Bipod

For field use, we recommend the larger Harris model “S-LM”, Midway item 328534. Also on sale for $79.99 ($15.00 off), the Harris S-LM adjusts from 9″-13″ using leg notches. When shooting in the field it is faster and easier to adjust leg height with the built-in notches. The greater height (compared to the BR model) helps you shoot over the grass or compensate for small mounds between your muzzle and the target.

Harris 9-13 Swivel Bipod

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October 27th, 2007

Reamer Sale — Save 30% to 50% on PTG, Clymer, JGS

Forum member K. Dickerson (“kend”) has put up a truckload of chambering reamers for sale in our Forum. He has listed over 350 reamers for scores of calibers, including many popular wildcats. The list includes both roughing and finishing reamers, solid and well as floating (bushing-style) pilots. Most of the reamers were made by Pacific Tool & Gauge (PTG), but there are examples from Clymer and JGS as well. Scanning through the list, the majority of the reamers for sale are brand new, and they are about evenly divided between bushing and solid pilot type. Prices range from $40 to $105, with most of the reamers priced from $65.00 to $85.00, plus shipping. You’ll find some fantastic deals on this list, with most examples selling at 30% to 50% off regular new retail price. You should probably respond soon if you want a reamer as the more popular chamberings will be snapped up at these attractive prices.

CLICK HERE for Complete List of Reamers FOR SALE

Dickerson is also offering a package deal:
Any Five (5) Reamers for $300.00 Delivered
Any Ten (10) Reamers for $500.00 Delivered.

Pacific Tool & Gauge

Photo courtesy Pacific Tool & Gauge for illustration. This does not show actual sale items.

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October 27th, 2007

Innovative Shooting Bag with Retractable Rest

Here is an interesting product, currently on sale as a $19.99 “October Special” at Midsouth Shooters Supply. The Shooters Ridge Varminter Shooting Bag is a roomy gear bag fitted with a built-in rifle rest that retracts into the front pocket. The bag is built of rugged 1200-denier nylon, PVC-coated for rain resistance. It is big enough to hold ammo, muffs, binoculars, compact spotting scope and more. The bag also includes a padded shoulder strap.

shooters ridge varminter bag

While the integral rest is hardly a substitute for a good pedestal rest, this Varminter bag could be useful for the walk-around varminter or a shooter who might otherwise use a rucksack as a handy rest. At just $19.99, this product is a very good deal for a roomy range bag even without the integral rest feature. This bag regularly retails for $39.00 to $46.00 at other vendors including a lightweight shooting mat. (The $19.99 Bag sold by Midsouth, item 097-40484, does NOT include a mat). Here is a report from a Cabela’s customer: “There is plenty of room for gadgets and ammo, not to mention the fact that I have one less thing to carry when zeroing at 100 yards. I’m not sure that I would use this for any long range shooting or hunting but when sighting in my 243 WSSM it gave me the stability to produce consistent satisfactory 1/2″ groups with factory loads.”

shooters ridge varminter bag

To further sweeten the deal, Shooter’s Ridge is currently offering a FREE $24.99 Multi-tool, if you purchase $30.00 or more of Shooter’s Ridge Products.

shooters ridge varminter bag
Shooters’ Ridge Multi-Tool Rebate Coupon.

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October 26th, 2007

Black Hills Prairie Dog Hunt with TechShooter

Site contributor Chris Long (aka “TechShooter”) has crafted a report about his July, 2007 Prairie Dog Expedition in Wyoming. Ralph and Lenora Dampman of Trophy Ridge Outfitters served as guides for the trip. Trophy Ridge runs ‘Dog hunts near the town of Carlile in the NW range of the Black Hills, near Devil’s Tower National Monument. Primarily big game outfitters, Ralph and Lenora have access to thousands of acres of private ranch land. They run guided prairie dog hunts during their off-season. Chris reports “The terrain is beautiful, a welcome change from the South Dakota prairie, with lots of hills and Ponderosa pine trees. [These] ranch lands are home to some prodigious dog towns.”

Chris continues: “The goal of this trip (besides having a great time) was to get in some long range (1000+ yard) opportunities, and possibly even a shot over 1500 yards, in order to qualify for the VHA 1500 yard certification. I had worked up some really good loads for the 6.5-284 TubeGun and the .260 AI using the new 130 grain Berger VLDs, and wanted to see how they performed at these extreme ranges. I also wanted to see how the trusty 6 Dasher performed as a long range varmint cartridge.”

Black Hills Prairie Dog Hunt

Chris Long was joined by two friends who came all the way from Virginia. Chris reports, “Our plan was to get in four days of intense, long-range shooting. We were not disappointed! The shooting was from 100 to over 1000 yards, and the dogs were everywhere. There were plenty of targets close in, so there was a lot a variety. It is especially challenging to move in and out in range by these extreme amounts. It gave me a lot of practice estimating range and wind conditions, then seeing if I could get the come-ups and windage right on the scope for the first shot at the new range. By the end of the trip, I was getting it pretty close, with some 1-shot hits out to about 600 yards.”

Black Hills Prairie Dog Hunt

Chris’s primary long-range rifle was his 6.5-284 Tube-gun (photo above) running 130gr Berger VLDs at 3165 fps. Chris reports the 130s can be shot at 3165 fps with no excessive pressures, and “scary, one hole, 5-shot 100-yard group accuracy.” With a B.C. of about 0.6, the 130s shoot flatter and exhibit less wind drift than the 140gr class bullets at 2950 FPS.

Chris’s second gun was a more conventional bolt-action in a Franklin LowRider stock, set up with both 6mm Dasher and .260 AI barrels. Chris notes: “The Dasher has proven itself in spades as an extremely accurate cartridge for F-Class Open competition, and I was anxious to see how it performed as a varmint cartridge. The performance was excellent, with many hits out past 1000 yards. This rifle is set up as a switch-barrel rig, and is the platform for the 260 AI. I made a portable barrel vise that mounts in the trailer hitch receiver on the Suburban. That, with a rear entry action wrench, makes barrel changes a 5 minute affair. I would shoot until the barrel got a bit hot, then switch and proceed with the other caliber.”

CLICK HERE to read the complete story. It contains more load data, details of hits made out to 1330 yards, and many great photos of the Wyoming scenery. For .260 AI and 6 Dasher tech tips, visit TechShooter’s Shooting Pages.

Black Hills Prairie Dog Hunt

Photos and quotes copyright © 2007 Chris Long, All Rights Reserved, used by permission.

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October 26th, 2007

Slick Cartridge Caddy From Oz

Forum Member Jeff R. (“aJR”) from Australia has crafted a slick, handsome cartridge holder to use with his heavy Benchrest Gun. Composed of two blocks of wood with parallel metal arms, the unit adjusts for height and block angle. Jeff tells us: “This is my new cartridge dispenser I knocked up in the shed. I wanted to get the record rounds up next to the action and this is adjustable for just about any gun/port configuration, right or left.” The cartridge caddy has ten round holes (for record shots) in the top wood block, stacked in two rows. The base piece has five holes for sighters, with the holes cut at an angle for easy access.

Benchrest Cartridge Holder

For the blocks, Jeff used “Jarrah” wood, a deep, red hardwood native to West Australia. Jeff says he did not stain the wood–what you see is the natural color, just sprayed with acrylic lacquer. A similar wood available in the USA is Satiné, also known as “Bloodwood”.

Benchrest Cartridge Holder

By the way, Jeff’s 1000-yard rifle is worth mentioning in its own right. It features a tensioned barrel system, and metal/composite stock. He will be shooting it at a 1000-yard match in Brisbane this weekend. Good luck Jeff.

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October 25th, 2007

Mirage Shields–For Varminters as Well as Benchrest Shooters

A quality mirage shield reduces the amount of optical distortion caused by heat waves rising from the barrel directly in front of the scope. On a hot day, after many rounds through the barrel, the benefit of a mirage shield can be quite dramatic. Benchrest shooters have used mirage shields for many years. Mirage shields can be just as beneficial for the serious varmint shooter. But, curiously, most varminters we know don’t employ mirage shields. We think they should. A mirage shield is a low-cost accessory that helps you get more hits and fewer misses.

As our friend Boyd Allen observed: “Varminters should use mirage shields. Think about it. You’ve invested thousands of dollars in a fancy varmint rifle and quality scope. You may have spent hundreds of dollars traveling to the varmint fields and spent dozens of hours loading up your ammo. Without a mirage shield on your barrel, once that barrel gets hot, you WILL get mirage effects that can make you miss a shot. A mirage shield costs just a few dollars. It really doesn’t make sense to go out to the varmint fields without one, if you plan on shooting lots of rounds. Barrel heat mirage can cause you to miss that critter, even if you have the most accurate rifle in the world.”

Dan Lilja offers a nice, wide mirage shield for $10. Dan notes: “Our benchrest mirage shield also works very well for field varmint rifles if there is a lot of action and the barrel is getting hot. The shield deflects image-distorting heat waves that come off of a hot barrel. The heat flows out past the edge of the shield and out of the line-of-sight of the rifle scope. These shields are 18” long, made of thin painted steel (like window blind material) and can be easily trimmed to length.”

Lilja Mirage Shield

Sinclair International also offers a 2″-wide venetian-blind style Mirage Shade, that costs just $3.95. It is available in two lengths, 18″ for BR barrels (item 06-7200), and 24″ for longer varmint barrels (item 06-7300). The Sinclair Shade is made of aluminum and can easily be trimmed to a shorter length. Like the Lilja shield, the Sinclair Mirage Shade attaches with adhesive-backed Velcro fasteners.

Sinclair Int'l Mirage Shade

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October 25th, 2007

Bernosky Sets New National High Power Record

2007 Camp Perry National High Power Champion Carl Bernosky added another milestone to his list of achievements this past weekend. Shooting the same AR15-platform rifle that carried him to victory at Camp Perry, Carl shot an 800-41X score on the New Holland (PA) 200, 300, 600-yard National Match course. When certified, that will be a new National record. The previous record was an 800-38X (shot by T. Lawton in 2005). Carl, modest as ever, downplayed his achievement: “This time the close ones were on the inside instead of the outside [of the scoring lines].”

In High Power matches, competitors shoot in three different positions — standing, sitting, and prone — and iron sights are used. This makes High Power one of the most challenging of all rifle disciplines. Carl feels that his AR-platform gun does give him some benefits over other rifle designs. Carl noted: “For me, I shoot better standing scores with the AR. I can’t tell you why exactly, but certainly the self-loading feature of the rifle allows me to maintain position better shot to shot. The other advantage is in rapid-fire prone. There I think it is a real plus not to have to work the bolt.”

Carl Bernosky’s rifle features a custom upper built by John Holliger on a Smith & Wesson M&P15 lower with Geissele trigger. The upper has a 26″ Krieger barrel chambered in the 6mm Hagar. This is a new wildcat cartridge based on the 30 Remington case, necked down to 6mm. The 6mm Hagar resembles a 6.8 SPC with a .100″ longer body, 30-degree shoulder, and greater case capacity. It has a .420 rim diameter, and is formed from .30 Remington brass.

At New Holland, Carl shot alongside Robert Whitley. Carl said he was impressed by Robert’s new 6mmAR Turbo round. The 6mmAR Turbo is based on 6.5 Grendel cases necked to 6mm with the shoulder blown forward slightly. Carl told us: “If Robert’s 6mmAR Turbo can really shoot the 105s at 2880+ fps, then it should be competitive with the 6mm Hagar, and the brass is available right now. Whitley’s cartridge looks like it has great potential.”

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October 24th, 2007

Web Spider Finds Deals on Multiple Gun Websites

Elite Deal SeekerLooking for firearms and accessories on the web? You can spend hours cruising Forum Classifieds. Or, with one click, you can view items for sale on a dozen different gun forums. Using robotic web spider technology, collects active “for sale” listings from around the web, displaying them all on one page, sorted by site. It’s a great system that makes shopping for bargains fast and easy. Most of the listings are for optics and accessories for AR15 or semi-auto style rifles, and for handguns, but you can still find a bargain out there and this technology can save you lots of time. Spidered sites include,,,,,,,, and

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October 24th, 2007

Winchester Resumes Production of Model 70 Rifles in 2008

Winchester Repeating Arms, now a subsidiary of FH Herstal, plans to resume production of Model 70 rifles in 2008. Delivery will commence in June of 2008. The rifles will be built at the modern FN Manufacturing Plant in Columbia, South Carolina. This facility operates under ISO 9001 production standards.

The new Model 70s will have both classic and new features. The latest generation of Model 70s will retain a three-position safety, and the Pre-64 controlled round feeding. However, the new guns will be fitted with the completely new “M.O.A.™ Trigger System”. This three-lever trigger adjusts from 3 to 5 pounds. Triggers will be set at 3.75 pounds, and Winchester claims: “the trigger mechanism [will] exhibit zero take up, zero creep and zero overtravel.” We shall see–it’s hard to image a shooter-friendly trigger that would function well with absolutely no take-up.

The new Winchester Model 70 will be offered in a Super Grade, Featherweight™ Deluxe, Sporter Deluxe and Extreme Weather SS models for 2008. Prices start at $999.00 MSRP for the Sporter Deluxe. All models will feature a Pachmayr® Decelerator® pad and hammer-forged barrels. Winchester claims that Model 70 barrels will deliver “1 MOA accuracy for 3-shot groups using properly managed barrel, quality match ammo and superior optics under ideal weather and range conditions.” Future testing will determine whether Winchester’s accuracy claims are warranted.

Large Photo FeatherWeight Deluxe

Large Photo Super Grade

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October 23rd, 2007

Slick Single-Shot Surgeon for the Boss's Daughter

Preston Pritchet, the “main man” at Surgeon Rifles, wanted to create a special rifle for his daughter, to use in varmint and fun matches at his local club. Preston explained: “Here are a couple pictures of my daughter’s rifle. I’ve never built a flashy rifle before, because I have always felt most rifles are for hunting and should be a dull color and not flashy. But my daughter shoots the club matches with me, and after getting a lot of harassment because she was shooting a Remington, this is the result. I took our Surgeon single-shot action and stoned the surface to get rid of the tool marks. Then I sent it to a friend for engraving, and I had the action nickel-plated. Finally, the gun was fitted with a 28” Krieger 1:8.5 twist barrel, chambered in 6.5 x 47 Lapua. The barreled action was set in a McMillan F-class stock.”

Surgeon Engraved rifle

Preston said his daughter had immediate success with her new rifle. “We had a match coming up and no time for testing loads. From the information on this website, I knew that 123gr Lapua Scenars and Reloader 15 should be an accurate combination for the 6.5×47. I took 123 Scenars, 37.5 grains RL 15, Fed 205M, Lapua brass. I got the rifle to the range and found a zero for her at 100 and 500 yards. To make a long story short, she took her new rifle and out-scored me at the most recent balloon match at our club. Lesson learned–with a good rifle, young ladies can definitely compete with the guys.”

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October 23rd, 2007

Jewell AR15 Trigger at MidwayUSA

Now through October 31, 2007, the Jewell AR15 trigger is on sale at MidwayUSA for $189.99, $14.00 off the regular price. This quality two-stage trigger, item 709049, allows sear engagement and trigger pull weight adjustment from the top of the lower receiver without disassembly of the firearm. Since it adjusts from 1.5 to 6 pounds, the Jewell trigger suits many disciplines–paper punching, Service Rifle Matches, and hunting or defensive uses.

Jewell AR15 two-stage trigger

The trigger kit includes trigger, trigger spring, disconnector, hammer and hammer spring. Installation tools and detailed instructions are included. This editor fitted the Jewell trigger in a couple ARs–installation is not that difficult. But if you are all thumbs, you may want to have a gunsmith mount the trigger and adjust it to your desired pull weight.

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October 22nd, 2007

Important Video About UK and Australian Gun Laws

Whatever your politics, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the restrictive firearm laws adopted in the United Kingdom and Australia. These have effectively banned hand-gun and semi-auto rifle ownership in the UK. In Australia self-loading rifles and even pump shotguns were banned, and hand-gun ownership was severely restricted. In this 10-minute video, gun owners in the UK and Australia tell their own story. The message is clear–without unified, organized opposition by sportsmen and hunters, gun rights will be taken away. In the UK, even shotguns and 22LR pistols used by Olympic competitors have been banned. Think it can’t happen here? Well already in California, new sales of semi-auto AR15-style service rifles are completely banned.

This is a “must-see” video. CLICK HERE, or click on the image below to watch the video, hosted by YouTube. Other NRA-produced videos are available on this webpage.

UK Gun Law Video

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