October 4th, 2007

Big Prizes at St. Thomas GroundHog Shoot

On October 20th, Pennsylvannia’s St. Thomas Sportsman Assn. will host a GroundHog Shoot with major prizes. There will be a drawing for a new Savage .223 Rem model 12 Precision Varminter, and $1000 in cash. The first shooter lucky enough to shoot a perfect 150/150 score will receive $300 in cash and a one ounce gold piece valued at almost $800. That’s $1100 for the first perfect score!

St. Thomas PA GroundHog Shoot

Barry Schmidt reports: “There will be free breakfast, lunch and stuff for all competitors. There will lots of extra drawings for shooting stuff. Non-shooters can sign up and get a chance to be eligible for the drawings. The $1000.00 in cash will be given away in $100 and $50 increments.” For more info, visit the St. Thomas GroundHog Shoot webpage, or click these links for MATCH RULES and DIRECTIONS to the club.

St. Thomas PA GroundHog Shoot

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