October 28th, 2007

Hoppe Breaks NBRSA 600-yard Record with 0.579" Group

Records continue to fall. Robert Hoppe of Reno, NV just smashed the NBRSA 600-yard record with a 0.579″ five-shot group at 600 yards. Don Nielson just called with the news from this weekend’s 600-yard NBRSA match at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center.

Robert was shooting a 6mm Dasher with Varget powder and 105gr Hornady Amax bullets. His gun has a 28″ Hart Barrel, Panda Action with Jewell trigger, Dierks carbon fiber stock (photo below), and Nightforce 8-32X scope.

Dierks Carbon Fiber Stock

At the match, Don Nielson was using one of the new 10-60X52 March zoom scopes. Don has one of three prototypes now in the USA. Don reports: “The scope is outstanding. I could see bullet holes very well at 600 yards in the white. In the light blue area of the target they were harder to pick out, but still visible in good conditions.” Don promised to provide some photos of the new March 10-60 when he returns from Sacramento. Rumored price on the new scope, if it goes into production, will be $2500-$2600.

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