October 31st, 2007

NEW 3-inch Diameter Rest Feet From Nielson

Don Nielson is now producing a new set of anodized aluminum front rest feet. Coated with non-slip rubber on the bottom, these large (3″-diameter) feet are the biggest on the market. They do an excellent job, pretty much eliminating any sliding or shifting movement of your rest, even with large calibers. Don notes: “I call these benchsavers ‘Pucks’. They provide added stability, and avoid the problem of creating divots in your bench tops. I custom-make each unit, and engrave the customer’s name on the Puck at no extra charge.” Don also has a special Puck version for the speed-screw foot. This features a ball bearing positioned directly under the speed-screw shaft tip. The bearing reduces friction, allowing easier, more positive adjustment. Basic Nielson Pucks are $20 each, while the ball bearing model is $30.00. (Prices plus shipping). To order, contact Don Nielson at (818) 883-5866.


Don Nielson rest foot puck

Don Nielson rest foot puck

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