October 23rd, 2007

Slick Single-Shot Surgeon for the Boss's Daughter

Preston Pritchet, the “main man” at Surgeon Rifles, wanted to create a special rifle for his daughter, to use in varmint and fun matches at his local club. Preston explained: “Here are a couple pictures of my daughter’s rifle. I’ve never built a flashy rifle before, because I have always felt most rifles are for hunting and should be a dull color and not flashy. But my daughter shoots the club matches with me, and after getting a lot of harassment because she was shooting a Remington, this is the result. I took our Surgeon single-shot action and stoned the surface to get rid of the tool marks. Then I sent it to a friend for engraving, and I had the action nickel-plated. Finally, the gun was fitted with a 28” Krieger 1:8.5 twist barrel, chambered in 6.5 x 47 Lapua. The barreled action was set in a McMillan F-class stock.”

Surgeon Engraved rifle

Preston said his daughter had immediate success with her new rifle. “We had a match coming up and no time for testing loads. From the information on this website, I knew that 123gr Lapua Scenars and Reloader 15 should be an accurate combination for the 6.5×47. I took 123 Scenars, 37.5 grains RL 15, Fed 205M, Lapua brass. I got the rifle to the range and found a zero for her at 100 and 500 yards. To make a long story short, she took her new rifle and out-scored me at the most recent balloon match at our club. Lesson learned–with a good rifle, young ladies can definitely compete with the guys.”

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