October 16th, 2007

U.S. Optics SN3 — $2800 Super Scope

People have already started asking about the U.S. Optics scope on Rob Hunter’s “BriTactical” rifle featured as the current Gun of the Week. This is no ordinary optic. It is a special “supersized” version of U.S. Optics SN3 T-PAL series, custom-built for Robert. The SN3 is offered with 30mm, 34mm, or 35mm main tubes. This is the big boy, 35mm, with matching U.S. Optics anodized rings. The front objective is upsized from the standard 44mm to a whopping 58mm. This provides enhanced low-light and twilight performance. The reticle is U.S. Optics’ own Mil Scale, allowing Robert to range-find targets reliably to 1000 yards and beyond. This is very critical because Robert will be using the scope in a Police/Military competition where he must engage multiple targets at unknown distances–and no laser rangefinders are allowed.

The big knob on top is one of U.S. Optics’ signature features. This is the EREK elevation turret. It allows Robert to run through his entire range of 1/4-MOA clicks in just two turns. If that’s not handy enough, a one-turn EREK knob is also available, but with wider click values. Like most U.S. Optics scopes, this unit is ruggedized and highly weatherproof. It features an illuminated reticle, handy side-focus parallax adjustment, and beefy metal construction. How much does one of these 5-25 power SN3 T-PALs cost? Well if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it. Complete, with all the upgrades, the scope costs over $2800.00.

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