October 19th, 2007

Whidden Gunworks Offers Davies Triggers

Whidden Davies TriggerIn cooperation with Tom Meyers, Whidden Gunworks is now the North American source for the Davies triggers, providing both trigger sales and installation. Crafted in Australia, Davies triggers are popular with long-range Highpower and Palma shooters, and these triggers are also well-suited for F-Class. The Davies trigger adjusts for pull weight, and the mounting of the trigger shoe allows the shooter to adjust both length of pull and trigger shoe angle.

The Davies regular weight trigger adjusts from 1 lb, 2 oz. to 3.5 pounds pull weight. Davies’ F-Class triggers will adjust from 4 oz. to 1 pound. Both Regular and F-Class triggers should fit all actions that will accept Remington-pattern triggers. If a Jewell trigger can work with your gun, so should a Davies. Price of the triggers is $275 plus shipping. If you don’t wish to install the trigger yourself, Whidden Gunworks can install both regular pull weight and F-Class triggers. For more info, visit WhiddenGunworks.net or call (229) 686-1911. John Whidden will add Davies trigger photos/specs to his website soon.

Davies trigger photo courtesy Warner Tool Company.

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