December 10th, 2007

Dear Santa…

If you’ve been wondering what to ask Santa for Christmas, and you haven’t found something “just right” from the many print catalogs and online “webstores”, check our AccurateShooter Articles Archive. Last year we prepared an extensive “Holiday Buyers’ Guide”. You’ll find plenty of great items for shooters, from $2.00 up to $3,000+. Just be aware that some prices have changed, and a few of the items have been retired or updated. Here are some of “stocking stuffers” from the 2006 Guide (with current prices):

Surveyors Tape $1.99
(for wind flags)

Hood Kwik Estimator, $2.50
(to measure group size)

Sinclair Barrel Bag, $8.50

“Shotgunner” Folding Muffs, $14.99

With the addition of the Daily Bulletin to the site, we’ve decided to forgo a 2007 edition of the Shoppers’ Guide this year. (We hope to return with a Video Version in 2008.) Instead we’ve been using the Bulletin to announce special holiday sales and promotions as they come up. Don’t forget that Cabela’s is offering FREE Shipping now until December 14th, and both Brownells and Sinclair International are running holiday specials on many popular iteams. Here are two current, recommended Sinclair “Holiday Specials”.

Rubber 3/4″ high BR “Donut” (NEW)
$25.50 Holiday Sale Price
This new product from Tru-Kote fits under Protektor rear bags and eliminates any rocking or sliding motion of the bag. The durable neoprene-rubber Donut adds 3/4 inch of height to the rear bag. This allows many shooters a better head position when shooting from the bench.

Sinclair sandbage donut

Sinclair Cleaning Cradle
$44.85 Holiday Sale Price
For stability, ease of transport, build quality, and “smart” design, nothing really beats a Sinclair aluminum cradle for cleaning wide-forearm BR rifles. These cradles position the rifle in a muzzle-down position so solvents drain to the muzzle end instead of back into the receiver. Sinclair Cradles easily break down into a compact 15″x5″x2″ package for transport or storage.

Sinclair Benchrest Cleaning Cradle

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