December 16th, 2007

Possible Group Buy on Bore-Store Gun Storage Bags

We’re thinking of putting together a group purchase of Bore-Store rifle storage bags, possibly as a “late Xmas, New Year’s Special”, provided there is sufficient interest. These are thick, synthetic fleece bags, treated with silicone and a special rust inhibitor. Bore-Stores are outstanding products, much better than the thin “gun socks” made by other companies. Bore-Stores cushion your rifles, protecting against nicks and dings while you’re moving your guns in and out of the safe. They also effectively safeguard against rust and corrosion. The fleece material is breathable, so it wicks away moisture from the firearm. By contrast, typical hard cases with “eggcrate” foam interiors attract and retain moisture — they can actually breed rust on your guns. Likewise, most zippered soft cases retain moisture. In fact, the linings of some soft cases have chemicals that promote corrosion.

Bore Store Rifle Storage Bag

We are working to have a custom Bore-Store size created for Forum members that would provide ample clearance for a large benchrest or varmint rifle with a Nightforce scope and a barrel up to 30″ in length. Smaller sizes would also be available. If you are interested, go to our Shooters’ Forum, and vote in the current Readers’ Poll. You’ll find the poll in the lower right hand corner of the Forum layout. You can check multiple boxes, one to express your interest, and others to indicate the bag sizes you’d prefer.

Why do we hope to arrange this group buy? Because this Editor believes Bore-Stores are the best product on the market for protecting firearms while stored in a safe. I personally have Bore-Stores for every one of my handguns and long guns.

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