December 24th, 2007

St. Claire Sets Records in "Last Dance" 600-yard Match

The Sacramento Valley Shooting Center hosted its final, registered NBRSA 600-yard match of the year on December 22. Craig St. Claire dominated the match, taking seven individual awards, and setting two potential new aggregate records. The format was 3 targets for Light Gun and 3 targets for Heavy. 5 shots per target in Light. 10 shots per target in Heavy.

Shooting a 6BR smithed by Stu Harvey, Craig was on fire, winning big in both Light and Heavy Classes:

LG small group (1.906″)—-Craig St. Claire
LG high score (49, 1X)—-Craig St. Claire
LG 3-target Agg (2.501″)—-Craig St. Claire

HG small group (2.733″)—-Craig St. Claire
HG small Agg (3.086″)—-Craig St. Claire
Two-Gun 6-Target Agg (2.793″)—-Craig St. Claire
Two-Gun score (413,2X)—-Craig St. Claire

Craig’s 3-target Heavy Gun Agg of 3.086″ is a potential new NBRSA 600-yard Record. Likewise, St. Claire’s 6-target LG + HG Agg of 2.793″, if certified, will be a new record. Congrats to Craig for his spectacular shooting and to Stu Harvey for smithing another tack-driver.

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