December 10th, 2007

Tikka Turn-Key F-TR platform

Readers enjoyed our recent “Poor Man’s Tactical” item featuring the Tikka model 595. Well here’s a followup for F-TR shooters. The Tikka “Master Sporter” features an adjustable cheekpiece, adjustable buttpad, accessory rail, and 5-round detachable magazine. Remarkably, these originally sold for about U.S. $650.00, yet it was not unusual for them to shoot close to 1/2-MOA with handloads. Master Sporters also feature the fine m595 action, and they are blessed with a very good stock design for shooting prone from bipod–just what you need for F-TR. Tikka notes the factory trigger adjusts to 2 pounds, but Mac Tilton of MT Guns can get it down to one pound. The bolt throw is a quick 70°, the bolt handle is stainless, and, in .308, the barrel twist rate is 1:11″ — a good choice for the 155gr match bullets.

These Master Sporters are getting hard to find. It’s even more difficult to find one unfired, new in the box. But just such a specimen, chambered in .308 Winchester, was auctioned this week on, item 87063398. It even came with two (2) 5-round magazines. The auction closed at $975.00. We’ve seen them go for less, but also for more.

Skim-bed the action, maybe apply a couple sealer coats to the walnut stock, attach a Harris bipod to the accessory rail and you’re good to go for F-TR. (You’ll also need a scope and rings of course.) You could probably acquire this rifle, shoot it for a couple seasons, then get your full investment out of it. Or hang on to it and eventually add a longer custom barrel (factory tube is a bit short at 23 3/8″).


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