January 7th, 2008

Savage to Offer 6BR Rifles in 2008

In November, Savage’s Marketing Director told us to look for new rifles that were “right up your alley” in 2008. We’ve now received confirmation that Savage will offer the 6mmBR Norma chambering in at least two rifles in the Savage 2008 product line.

First, Savage will add a 6BR-chambered F-Class rifle, similar to the very popular 6.5-284 F-Class rifle. The 6BR F-Class gun will be in the same heavy laminated stock with 3″ fore-arm and wide flat in the rear. The barrel will be a 30-incher, presumably in 1:8″ twist. The trigger is the 6-oz. target version of Savage’s AccuTrigger. MSRP hasn’t yet been set, but we expect the 6BR F-Classer to sell for about $950.00 (street price), the same as the 6.5-284 version.

While designed for F-Class matches out to 1000 yards, the 6BR F-classer should also prove to be an excellent bench gun for varmint matches (200 to 500m), 300-yard matches, and 600-yard benchrest matches, and it should make an excellent long-range varminting platform.

But for Varminters and hunters looking for a lighter, more conventional stock, Savage will offer a 6BR Chambering in two versions of its Long-Range Precision Varminter (LRPV) Series–RBLP with blind mag, or RBRP with box magazine. This rifle features a stainless action in either Right Bolt, Left Port, or Right Bolt, Right Port configuration with a Detachable Box Magazine–something new for Savage. The LRPV comes with a high-quality H.S. Precision stock with an aluminum bedding block chassis. Like the F-Class rifle, the LRPV will have a target AccuTrigger adjstable from about 6 ounces to 2.5 pounds. The LRPV will have a 26″ barrel, and it is rumored the 6BR will have a 1:12″ twist rate, but that is not certain. The LRPV is also available in .204 Ruger, .223 Rem, and 22-250, along with 6mmBR Norma.

CLICK HERE for 2008 SAVAGE BROCHURE (9 mb .pdf file)

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