February 21st, 2008

"March Madness" in Sacramento — 3 Major Matches in 3 Weeks

“March Madness” returns to the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, in Sloughhouse, CA, next month according to match director Ed Eckhoff. Sac Valley will host three major, long-range matches in three successive weekends. The Shooting Center is located approximately 15 miles Southeast of the city of Sacramento.

On March 4-9, the 17th Annual American-Canadian Long Range Rifle Matches take place at Sacramento. The course of fire is 300 yards (MR-63 target), 500 yards (new 500-yard Target), 600 yards (MR-1 target), and 800/900/1000 yards. This match is primarily for Palma shooters (.308 Win, 155gr bullet), but F-Class competitors are welcome (there will be a F-Target Rifle and F-Open class, provided there are at least four of each). Both team and individual matches will be held. CLICK HERE for firing schedule and general Match INFO. The NRA Long Range Classification system will be used in all matches. Canadian (or other visitors) will compete in the higher of classifications earned at National or Provincial meets. Canadian Masters in the upper half of the Master Class will compete in the High Master Class.

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center

March 12-16, 2008, the Steve Zinsmaster Memorial Highpower Rifle Long Range Regional Championship will be held at Sacramento, under the direction of the Folsom Shooting Club. Wednesday is a squadded practice day, followed by the Folsom Club Match (Palma course of fire) on Thursday. Friday is a 4-man Team Match (Palma Course of Fire). Saturdy and Sunday comprise the two-day Regional Championship with Palma match and 1K match on Saturday and a Palma-format match on Sunday. CLICK HERE for more information and rules.

The following week, from March 19 through 23, the 2008 Folsom 1000-Yard Championship will be held on the Sac Valley Shooting Center 1000-yard Range. This is a 1K prone match open to both iron sights Palma Rifles and “any sights” rifles. F-Class competitors are welcome also. Thursday is a Folsom Club Match, Friday is the 4-man Team Match and the individual championship runs on Saturday and Sunday.

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center

If that’s not enough for you long-range competitors, Following “March Madness”, in April, the Sac Valley Shooting Center will host the NBRSA 600-Yard National Championship. Dates for this 600-yard registered BR match are April 25-27, 2008.

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