March 3rd, 2008

In-line Seater Dies — Custom, Standard, and Micrometer Versions

One of our Forum readers asked “How can I get a custom in-line seater for my new rifle?”. First, we would say that, if you are not shooting an unusual Wildcat, check first to see if L.E. Wilson makes a stainless Micrometer Seater Die for your rifle. These dies are a joy to use, and we’ve found the fit to be exceptionally good with many calibers. Wilson stainless micrometer-top seaters are available for the following calibers: 20 Tactical, 204 Ruger, 20BR, 222 Rem, 223 Rem, 22 PPC, 22BR, 22-250, 223 WSSM, 6 PPC, 6BR, 243 Win, 243 WSSM, 25 WSSM, 6.5-284, 270 WSM, 30BR, 30 IHMSA, 30×47 (not Lapua), 308 Win. The Wilson stainless micrometer seaters are priced $79.50 at Sinclair Int’l, item 50-1X.

If you do want a custom seater die, the process is relatively simple. Purchase a die blank from Wilson and have your gunsmith run the chambering reamer in. Forum member Gunamonth explains: “I start with a Wilson seating die blank. They’re available from Sinclair and other vendors. Just run the reamer in. For some of my rifles, where I wanted the stainless die with the micrometer adjustment, I bought a smaller die and had the smith ream it with the chamber reamer. That’s how I had my 6 Dasher and 6mm AI seaters made. With the Dasher I stared with a 6mmBR Micrometer die.” Sinclair Int’l sells Wilson die blanks, item WBLAX, for $37.50.

Wilson inline seater die and blank

Micrometer Top Add-on
We really like micrometer tops on a seating die. But what if Wilson doesn’t make a micrometer top seater for your chambering? Don’t despair, Sinclair Int’l sells a micrometer top that can be added to any Wilson standard seater or to a custom seater die made from a Wilson die blank.

The Sinclair Micrometer Attachment For Wilson Seaters, item WSM, costs $38.50. You can use the Sinclair Micrometer top with a new custom die, or Wilson’s standard inline seater dies. Wilson makes the standard (non-stainless) chamber-style bullet seaters for dozens of calibers for which the stainless micrometer seaters are not offered. Standard Wilson inline seaters (non-micrometer) retail for about $39.00. They are made from 12L14 mild steel. This 12L14 steel WILL rust, so you should keep a light layer of rust preventative (such as Eezox or Corrosion-X) on the die.

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