March 1st, 2008

New Tactical Action from Badger Ordnance

At SHOT Show, Martin (Marty) Bordson of Badger Ordnance, previewed the new Badger M2008 Tactical action. A slab-sided, flat-bottomed, “fat bolt” action, the new Badger action resembles an Accuracy International receiver externally, but it shares some Remington features internally. The M2008 will initially be available for .308 bolt face calibers, and it is designed to work with any Remington detachable-style magazine.

The new action features TWO (2) integral recoil lugs in the front, plus two raised “abutments” for the action screws. This should provide a very rigid, solid action. We’re not sure why two recoil lugs are necessary, but perhaps this reflects Badger’s “extra heavy duty” design bias. The purpose of the abutments is to provide more thread contact for the action screws. The new action also features a Picatinny rail on top. The rail is attached with four screws and two pins. Badger considered making the rail integral with the action, but having it separate allows the customer to change from a flat rail to an angled rail with built-in elevation. This way if you change your scopes and need more elevation you can swap in a different rail. The M2008 fits standard Remington triggers and will fit all stocks that can be inletted for a Remington.


CLICK HERE for Video showing firing of prototype M2008 action in an Accuracy Int’l Chassis.

Marty said the new action should be available in summer 2008 and the current “projected price” is “under $1000.00″ including rail. FYI, Badger Ordnance, which marked its 25th year in business in 2007, recently moved to a new facility. Here’s the latest contact info:

Badger Ordnance
1141 Swift Street
N. Kansas City, MO 64116
phone: (816) 421-4956
e-mail: info [at]

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