April 18th, 2008

How to Use Bulletin Calendar and Search Functions

There are now over 850 Entries in our Daily Bulletin, going back to March, 2007. In our Archives are many “nuggets” you can discover. Here’s a quick guide to our search options.

New Calendar Tool: We just added a clickable Calendar to make it even easier to find older Bulletin entries. Just click the date to view the stories for that day. When reviewing the last two or three weeks of entries, you may find it easier to click day by day rather than scroll down a long page.

Keyword Search: You can search for any Bulletin item by keyword, such as “Sightron”, or “Camp Perry”, or “6XC”. The keyword search is very fast and effective.

Find by Category: In addition, our posts are grouped into categories, such as “Competition”, “Reloading”, and “Optics”. The categories appear at the top right of every Bulletin Page.

Monthly Archives: You can also quickly access an entire month’s worth of posts. Just click on the month you want and all the posts from that month will appear, starting with the most recent item (end of month first).

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