May 10th, 2008

Barnes Offers New Polymer-Tipped, Lead-Free TSX Bullet for Hunters

The Barnes Triple-Shock X-Bullet has long been considered one of the best hunting bullets for game hunters. The all-copper construction provides excellent expansion and very high weight retention. The absence of a lead core means this bullet is also legal in areas (such as parts of California) where lead-containing bullets are banned.
Barnes TSX Bullet

The big innovation in the new Tipped TSX bullet is the addition of a polymer tip. The tip increases the bullet’s Ballistic Coefficient (BC). Additionally, polymer-tipped bullets show less bullet-to-bullet variance in BC than do conventional bullets. More uniform BC can make your point of impact at long range more predictable, shot after shot.

The TSX bullet, like the previous Triple-Shock, has grooves, or “drive bands”, formed in the outer casing. This effectively reduces the bearing surface. The use of drive bands is a proven bullet technology that can reduce friction and barrel copper fouling, while allowing higher velocities for a given bullet weight.

The TSX bullet is available in these calibers and weights:

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