June 6th, 2008

Iowa 1000-Yard Championship Moved to July 12

Iowa skies unleashed a deluge recently, so the Iowa 1K BR championship has been moved back two weeks.

Gunsmith and match official Gordy Gritters reports: “I’m Letting everyone know our range is under water and there’s lots more rain in the forecast for this weekend, so we are postponing our June 7th, Iowa 1000-Yard State Championship match two weeks — until July.

We are not going to shoot our State Championship rain date on June 21, but are going to do it on our next regularly scheduled match date- July 12.

In the rush to make this last minute change when we got flooded out, I did not think to check the other nearby club’s schedules until later, and we would have been shooting the same day as Varmint Hunter 600 yard and the Missouri 1000 yard matches that weekend. So we just decided to wait until our regular July match to hold our State Championship match and we’ll make up the missing two matches on September 27. Sorry for any inconvenience!”

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