June 11th, 2008

March Scopes — Source and Pricing

Right now the March line of scopes represent the “state of the art” in high-magnification Benchrest scopes. They are unexcelled for brightness, sharpness, and perhaps most importantly, shot-to-shot reliability. Many top short-range benchrest shooters, who can’t tolerate even a tiny shift in the scope’s reticle moving the point of impact a few hundreths of an inch, are using the March 40X, 50X, and 60X, and now the new 10-60X Zoom.


March scopes are made in Japan by DEON. In the USA they are sold exclusively by Kelbly’s. Jim Kelbly reports: “Some 40s and 50s are in stock now. The 10-60X zooms will be in stock in about two months unless the back order list gets longer as it is everyday. If you want a March scope you should not wait till they are in stock. We have a waiting list and you should get on it if you would like one in next two months.”

Current March Scope pricing:
40×52, 50×52, and 60×52 fixed focal length: $2100.00
10-60×52 Zoom: $2400.00

March Benchrest Scope

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