July 11th, 2008

Updated Website for U.S. F-Class Team

The website for the U.S. F-Class Open Team has been completed revamped and updated. It now includes many new features, including a “Gallery of Guns”, F-Class FAQ, and a summary of F-Class Rules. Team bios will be added in the fall after the final team selection is made for the 2008 World Championships. The next F-Class World Championship will be held in Bisley, England in July, 2009. This is a true international event that has numerous countries from all over the world with close to 350 shooters participating.

Current Team Officers are: Bob Bock, Team Captain; Shiraz Balolia, Vice Captain; and Roger Whitney, Adjutant. The team is coached by some of the best wind gurus in the business: SSGT Emil Praslick (Head Coach), Bob Mead, Mid Tompkins, and Nancy Tompkins.

The U.S. F-Class Team competes in Open Class, using rifles up to 22 pounds with benchrest-style front rests. The other class shot at F-Class matches is F-TR, which stands for F-Class “Target Rifle”. F-TR is limited to .223 or .308 calibers, and is normally shot prone with bipod support.

Caliber limit of .35 and under.
Rifle weight of 10 kg (approx. 22 lbs.)
Adjustable front rest and rear bag allowed.
Rail guns not allowed.
3″ wide fore-end (max).

Caliber limited to .223 or .308 (unmodified).
Sling and/or bipod allowed.
Rifle weight limit of 8.25 kg (approx. 18.18 lbs)

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