August 12th, 2008

Brownell's Biggest Catalog Ever: 576 Pages, 36,000 Products

Brownell’s has released its 61st full catalog, the biggest shooting products catalog ever. The 576-page resource includes more than 36,000 products, 1100 of them new since last year. CEO Frank Brownell explained: “Every 10-15 years the Catalog Department shakes the catalog up and they’ve really done it this year. There’s a color-coded table of contents for the whole catalog with [indexes] on the first page of each section. With all the side tabs and little indexes, it should easy for folks to fine their favorites. I like to think of it as thirty, special, focused catalogs in one big binder.”

Just a few of the 30 sections include: Holsters and Mag Holders; General Gunsmith Tools; Specialty Rifle Tools, plus sections for Handgun, and Shotgun Tools; Shooting Accessories; Optics and Accessories; and Spray-On Finishes. Pete Brownell said “We’ve added icons to tell you if a product is made in the USA and another to let you know if we have an online instructional video available for that product.”

The new #61 catalog will be shipped to current, active customers starting August 1, 2008 and is now available for purchase through or by calling 800-741-0015, Dept. #P61.

CLICK HERE to go to CATALOG ORDER PAGE. Price is $5.00 ($10.00 Overseas), refundable on your first order.

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