August 14th, 2008

Ted Webster's New Bipod Design for F-Class

Michigan’s Ted Webster, a High Master F-Class shooter, has come up with a new bipod design. Ted’s beefy, 1.75-lb bipod, with 3″-wide feet, looks like it has many advantages over a conventional Harris-style bipod for F-Class comps. Though we haven’t had a chance to test the unit first-hand, photos show the Webster bipod to have much heavier construction than a Harris and we like the large, user-friendly knobs for adjusting height and swivel angle. The “Webster” bipod is available for $175.00. Email sapper299 [at] for more information.

Forum member Sapper299 (Dan Webster in KY) reports: “I have been using the new bipod. It has proven to be very stable and does not move out of position when the rifle is fired like the Harris does. It is easily adjusted while in position for height, and the 3”-diameter feet rotate freely, allowing you to adjust the rifle to a level position. Height adjustments are more than adequate for just about any firing point. I used it with a mounting system for the standard Anschutz rail, but it is mountable to any forearm style. The lock-up on the forearm was very tight and I just left the mounting stud on the rifle and removed the bipod itself by loosening the locking knob.”

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