September 1st, 2008

Bore-Stores and GoldenRods on Sale at MidwayUSA

For storing fine firearms in a gunsafe or storage locker, we recommend Bore-Stores. These thick, synthetic fleece bags are treated with silicone and a special rust inhibitor to safeguard against rust and corrosion. Bore-Stores also cushion your rifles, protecting against nicks and dings while you’re moving your guns in and out of the safe.

Bore-Store Gun Case

Right now, through the end of September, MidwayUSA has most popular sizes of Bore-Store bags on sale. Bags for 4″ and 6″-barreled pistols are marked down from $5.89 to $4.99, and the 46″ Scoped rifle Bore-Store bag (item 570349) is just $9.99, reduced from $11.49. NOTE: Even if your rifle measures a bit longer, we have found this bag is large enough to fit a Benchrest-style rifle with up to 28″ barrel. For shorter guns with big scopes, we recommend the 42″ AR15 case (item 360601).

Bore-Stores are outstanding products, much better than the thin “gun socks” made by other companies. The fleece material is breathable, so it wicks away moisture from the firearm. By contrast, typical hard cases with “eggcrate” foam interiors attract and retain moisture — they can actually breed rust on your guns. Likewise, most zippered soft cases retain moisture.

GoldenRods on Sale Too
GoldenRods are electric heating elements that help prevent corrosion in your gunsafe by maintaining a constant temperature that is above the dewpoint. This prevents rust-breeding moisture from condensing on your guns. Both large and small GoldenRods are on sale this month at MidwayUSA, starting at $15.99 marked down from $19.99. The largest “gold” model (item 621013), which protects up to 300 cubic feet, is now $10.00 off, marked down to $29.99 from $39.99.

goldenrod dehumidifier

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