September 7th, 2008

Election Watch: Obama's Position on Gun Regulation

As we approach the fall Presidential election, it is important that all gun owners understand the differences between the Democratic Party and Republican Party when it comes to gun regulation. The choice of Vice Presidential candidates speaks volumes about the difference between the parties: Palin is staunchly pro-gun, while Biden is aggressively anti-gun. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a long-time NRA member whose family has relied on hunting to “put meat on the table.” By contrast, Delaware Senator Joe Biden has authored major gun ban legislation, and Biden carries an “F” rating on gun issues from the NRA.

How about Barrack Obama — what is his stance on gun rights? In an effort to mollify moderate “swing” voters, Obama hasn’t been talking about gun control much lately. But the fact remains that he is no friend to gun owners. He supports new bans on self-loading rifles, and in 2000 he co-sponsored legislation limiting handgun purchases. To learn more, you should watch the following video. Keep in mind it is a one-sided “advocacy” piece created by the Republican National Committee. Nonetheless, the facts speak for themselves.

YouTube Preview Image

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