September 8th, 2008

New, Advanced Benchrest Stock from Robertson Composites

Robertson Composites has introduced a new benchrest stock design, optimized for 100- to 300-yard group and score shooting. It complies with all IBS, NBRSA, and international stock rules for short-range benchrest and is light enough to be used in a 10.5-lb Light Varmint rifle. Typical inletted bare weight, LV version, is 26 ounces. The stock was designed with input from ace Canadian and American benchresters.

While similar in external appearance to the Speedy BRX stock (also built by Robertson), the new stock has important new features. First, the forearm has raised flats on the sides to improve lateral stability and reduce the tendency to rotate in the bags. Second, the grip area is smaller and not as fat or thick as the BRX design. This should be more comfortable for those who prefer a light hold on the gun. Lastly, there are subtle changes to the area behind the action. The tang area has a greater downward slope to provide more clearance for the bolt when retracted.

Photos Courtesy Gary Walters. Rifle belongs to Victor Smith.

The new stock is currently in production and you can place an order. You can get any color combination you like (orange ‘granite’ is shown in the photo), and the stock can be built extra heavy on request. However, Ian Robertson reports: “we’re up to our ears in business right now, and it will take time to fill all the back-orders.” So, expect to wait a 8-10 weeks for delivery of your order. The new stock starts at $260.00 Canadian for a non-inletted stock in a single color, without buttplate. Two colors will cost $25.00 CND extra, and inletting is available for many popular BR actions for an additional charge.

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