September 26th, 2008

'Pet Loads' Needed for 7mm Cartridge Guide

7mm Swampworks’s Cartridge Guides are among the site’s most popular content features. Our .308 Cartridge Guide has been viewed nearly 350,000 times. By popular demand, we’re adding a new multi-cartridge 7mm Cartridge Guide. As planned, this will provide key information for: 7mm08, .284 Winchester, 7mm SAUM, and 7mm WSM (including 7mm-270 WSM). (We know there are many other popular 7mm cartridges, but we can’t do everything at once.)

Pet Loads and Tuning Advice Wanted
If you shoot one of the above calibers, and have developed a very accurate (and safe) load, please send us the specifics. We are particularly interested in successful match loads. Please include: bullet type and weight, brand of brass, powder charge, primer type, OAL (from base of rim to tip of seated bullet), and measured velocity (if available). Also include a sentence or two describing how this load performs, and the relevant info, such as: “1/2-MOA easy. Works good jammed or jumped. Good F-Class load. 2800 fps in 28″ barrel.”

Here is your chance to share your wisdom with a world-wide readership and help others “focus in” on a good load quickly.

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