September 18th, 2008

Winchester Brand 22-250 Brass on Sale: $28.88 per 100

MidwayUSA has Winchester brand 22-250 brass on sale for $28.88 per hundred. This is a Clearance Sale so quantities may be limited.

Winchester 22-250 brass

Winchester brass is pretty strong and can stand up to stout loads. Some shooters will favor Norma 22-250, but Winchester brass is much less expensive. Many shooters also use this Win 22-250 brass as the parent case for their 6XC. 22-250 brass can be easily reformed to 6XC brass by necking up, then fire-forming. We’ve checked around on the web and this is the best price we could find:

Winchester 22-250 Brass, 100 count
$28.88 — MidwayUSA, item 314128
$35.00 — Wholesale Hunter, item WINCWSC22250U
$37.00 — Brunos Shooters Supply, item WNB22250RU-1
$39.59 —, item WINU22250 (Price includes Shipping.)

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