November 16th, 2008

Alliant Reloder 17 Status Report

When Reloder 17 first became available (in limited quantities) our team tested it and found that it possessed some remarkable qualities. In certain cartridges, such as the 6XC and .284 Winchester, Reloder 17 provided significant increases in velocity compared to other popular propellants. We’re not talking about a mere 10 or 20 fps gain. Reloder 17, in some cartridges, lets you shoot 100 or even 150 fps faster than ever before. (RL 17 is a slow-burning powder that works best in cartridges where you might otherwise use H4350, Reloder 22, or H4831sc.) Needless to say, when the word got out, Reloder 17 quickly sold out at the major vendors such as and Powder Valley.

Alliant Reloder 17

We’ve been informed that a 20,000-lb shipment of Alliant Reloder 17 is on its way to the USA via cargo ship. Once it arrives on American shores it must clear customs, then be inspected, and then transferred from bulk containers into consumer packaging. That will take a few weeks. Alliant tells us it hopes to have Reloder 17 back on dealers’ shelves by Mid-December.

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