November 23rd, 2008

Calendar Raises Funds for Canadian Biathletes

Members of Canada’s women’s winter biathlon team have come up with a novel way to raise funds for their 2010 Olympic bid. Five young women athletes have shed their lycra ski-suits to appear in a “tasteful yet revealing” promotional calendar. The Bold Beautiful Biathlon 14-month calendar features Rosanna Crawford (Canmore, Alberta), Megan Imrie (Falcon Lake, Manitoba), Sandra Keith (Calgary, Alberta), Zina Kocher (Red Deer, Alberta), and Megan Tandy (Prince George, British Columbia). Calendar profits will be used to cover training and competition expenses in preparation for the 2010 Olympics.

Canada Biathlon CalendarCanada Biathlon Calendar

Biathlon is a challenging winter sport that combines Nordic skiing with rimfire target shooting. The sport requires very high aerobic fitness levels, plus superior shooting skills. The five Canadian biathletes kicked off the launch of their fund-raising calendar by roller-skiing through downtown Calgary, clad in shorts and race bibs (photo below).

Canada Biathlon Calendar

For more information (and to view a slide show featuring more photos of the biathletes), visit the website.

CLICK HERE to view Bold, Beautiful Biathlon Slide Show.

The Biathlon Calendar is offered online for $20.00 CDN at Through that website, you can also send a donation via PayPal.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Boekel

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