November 4th, 2008

Gun Sales Steady in Uncertain Times

The National Shooting Sports Foundation provides this report:

“Across the country, the media continues to localize a story that first ran in The Washington Post, with NSSF input, about a trend of increasing firearm sales driven in part by the fear that, if elected, Barack Obama, working with a Democrat-controlled Congress, could pass legislation that would limit Americans’ right to own certain types of firearms, particularly semi-automatic rifles. A story from the Naples (FL) News confirmed an increase of concealed carry permits, while a story out of Las Cruces, NM, focused on increased sales of tactical rifles. Meanwhile, on the hunting side, the Associated Press ran a story Saturday on the strength of hunting-related sales despite high gas prices and economic instability. “Hunters may not get the latest product, but they’re still getting the things they need and getting out there. Our sales are holding up good,” said Larry Whiteley of Bass Pro Shops.” (Story from NSSF).

Are American gunowners over-reacting to the possibility of a Democrat in the White House? Maybe not…. If the Democratic Party captures the Presidency, while attaining majorities in both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, many observers predict Congress will quickly enact new legislation restricting the ownership and use of certain classes of semi-automatic firearms, and imposing much tighter controls on handguns.

There is no reason to believe Barack Obama would not endorse such legislation. For a running mate, Obama chose Joe Biden, one of the original authors of federal legislation restricting semi-automatic rifles. As quoted in the Chicago Tribune, Presidential candidate Barack Obama supports an “assault weapon” ban: “I believe we need to renew — not roll back — this common sense gun law.” In 2007, Obama stated that the government needs to permanently reinstate an assault weapons ban, according to Fox News. In addition, Obama has unequivocally stated in an NPR interview that he would support Federal legislation to ban concealed carry laws nationwide.

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