January 3rd, 2009

January Bargains on Recommended Products at MidwayUSA

Now through the end of January, Midway has three items on sale that caught our attention.

Dewey 44″ Cleaning Rods for $25.99
First, MidwayUSA has marked down Dewey nylon-coated 44″ cleaning rods from $31.49 to $25.99. The sale price applies to both 22-26 caliber rods (item 971244), and 27-34 caliber rods (item 268904). For most target rifles, a Dewey rod is a very good choice when considering both price and performance. Dewey rods have nice handles, good bearings, and durable nylon covers. Plus Dewey stands behind its products. The 44″ length should work with barrels up to 28″ (without muzzle brake). Note, however, these rods have a male tip, so you’ll need an adapter (which Dewey provides) for use with male-threaded jags.

Dewey Cleaning rod

Lee Universal Decapping Die for $7.99
There are many situations when you may want to remove primers from fired brass without running them into a sizing die fitted with a decapping rod. We often do this with pistol brass that’s slated to be loaded in a progressive press. Popping the primers first allows you to clean and inspect the primer pockets before loading the brass — and it also reduces the effort to run the progressive. If your rifle brass is dirty, you may want to de-cap before sizing. Lee makes a simple, inexpensive decapping die that every reloader should have. It will quickly pop out a primer without touching the rest of the case. The Lee Universal Decapping Die will work with cartridges from 17 Fireball all the way up to 45-70. However, NOTE that the decapping pin supplied with this Lee die is TOO LARGE for LAPUA BR and PPC flash holes — you’ll need to either turn down the pin, or decap with a different tool for the Lapua cases with .059″ flash-holes. With the exception of those cases, the Lee decapping die works very well and it’s a bargain. This month at MidwayUSA it’s on sale for just $7.99 (item 136543).

Lee Universal Decapping Die

Bore-Store Synthetic Fleece Storage Sacks
In this Editor’s opinion, Bore-Store storage bags are the best option on the market for storing rifles, shotguns, and pistols in a gun safe or storage cabinet. They are much less bulky than soft gun cases, so you can fit more guns in your safe. The thick, synthetic fleece pile cushions your gun, safeguarding against dings and scratches. The fabric is breathable, so moisture doesn’t collect on the gun, and the fabric is treated with silicone AND a rust inhibitor. I have Bore-Stores for every firearm in my collection. Over the years they have kept my rifles rust-free and protected fine metal and wood finishes from scratches. MidwayUSA now has a wide variety of Bore-Stores on sale. For example, the 46″ Scoped Rifle case (item 570-349) is marked down from $13.49 to $9.99. This will fit rifles with barrels up to 28″ and maybe 29″ with a little stretching. The 42″ AR15 Case (item 360-601) is marked down from $15.59 to $10.49. This case is extra-wide, with plenty of clearance for pistol grip and carry handle. Other Bore-Stores for handguns and shotguns are on sale through the end of January.

Bore-Store Fleece Gun Bags

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