January 18th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: Alliant's Five New Power Pro Ball Powders

Alliant Powder is well-known among precision shooters. Reloder 15 has set many world records in the 6BR and 6BR Improved cartridges, and the new Reloder 17 powder offers dramatically increased velocities in cartridges such as the 6XC and .284 Winchester.

Power Pro Alliant Powder

At SHOT Show 2009, Alliant unveiled its new Power Pro™ series of canister, spherical powders. There are five (5) new powders: Magnum Pistol, Varmint Rifle, Medium Rifle, Large Rifle, and Magnum Rifle. Each powder has a burn rate optimized for the particular application (Medium Rifle is a bit slower than RL15, Large Rifle rate is similar to H4350, Magnum is similar to H4831). Alliant claims that “Power Pro powders deliver improved velocity and density for more efficient reloading and help reloaders duplicate certain factory loaded ammunition.” Alliant engineer Dick Quensenberry said reloaders can expect to get +50 fps more from the Power Pro series than with most other, comparable ball powders.

Power Pro Alliant Powder

alliant Reloder 50 powderNew Powder for 50-Caliber Applications
Alliant also recently introduced Reloder 50, a new powder designed for long-range, 50 caliber rifle shooters. Burn rate is “a little slower than Winchester 860.” The powder is showing excellent lot-to-lot consistency and the load density is optimized for the 50 BMG and similar cases. Like Reloder 17, Reloder 50 employs a process which staturates/penetrates the kernels with the burn rate controlling chemical. This should allow a longer, flatter pressure curve, allowing more velocity than conventional powders can deliver. Alliant says that Reloder 50 offers “superior velocity and the ability to burn cleaner (with less residue).” Reloder 50 will be available in both 1-lb (#150527) and 8-lb (#150528) containers.

On the Horizon — More Alliant Powders like Reloder 17
Reloder 17, made in Switzerland by Nitro Chemie, is a unique propellant that offer a smoother, longer energy release because the burn rate controlling chemicals are saturated into the kernels rather than just applied to the outside. This can provide extra energy over the course of the burn, with the result that Reloder 17 can deliver more velocity than any other powder with a similar burn rate and density. The demonstrated high performance of Reloder 17 has created demand for similar formulations, but with faster or slower burn rates. The good news is that Alliant’s Reloder 50 (see above) has the new burn rate control chemsitry, and Alliant is working right now on at least two new powders that will use the Nitro Chemie’s new powder technology. One powder (Reloder 16?) will be faster than RL 17, and one will be slower — possibly in the H1000 range. Stay tuned to AccurateShooter.com for future updates.

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