January 17th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: Remington 30AR Rifles and Ammo

In October, we published a preliminary report on the new 30 Remington AR cartridge, complete with diagrams and factory load specs.

At SHOT 2009, Remington displayed Remington 30AR rifles and factory-loaded ammo. There were no great surprises. This is a short, fat cartridge (.308 bolt-face) that holds about 44 grains of H20. Case size and capacity were pretty much dictated by AR15 magazine dimensions: “According to Outdoor Life columnist John Snow: “DPMS President Randy Luth and Remington’s John Fink (brand manager for the rifle division) … both said that the goal was to look at the AR lower and see how much cartridge they could fit in there.” The Rem 30AR uses a single-stack magazine holding four (4) rounds.

Remington 30 AR

Factory Rem 30AR ammo is loaded with 125gr projectiles running about 2800 fps. While the 0.267 BC for those bullets is pretty low, the cartridge should perform its intended job of harvesting deer just fine. Jason also believes that, if the Remington-brand brass is decent, this cartridge could have real potential in Hunter Benchrest and for subsonic work.

30 Remington AR (30 RAR) Specifications

Case Capacity Rim
Parent Cases Shoulder Factory Load Mag Type
44.0gr H20 0.473″
.308 bolt face
.450 Bushmaster
.284 Winchester
25° 125gr SP or
125 B-Tip
2800 fps
0.267 BC
Single Stack

30 Remington AR

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