January 18th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: Volquartsen Fusion–Ultimate 'Rimfire Tactical' Rifle?

Some months ago, AccurateShooter.com ran a feature story on the new Rimfire Tactical discipline that has become hugely popular on the West Coast. A Rimfire Tactical comp is a challenging “fun match” using both bolt-action and semi-auto 22LR rifles at distances from 20 to 200 yards. You engage a wide variety of static and reactive targets, shooting from prone, kneeling, and standing positions. It’s fun, challenging, and affordable. Competing in Rimfire Tactical matches is also a great way to develop skills that carry over to centerfire shooting. By “cross-training” with rimfire 22s you get more “trigger time” and improve your wind-reading skills without spending a fortune on ammo or burning out your centerfire barrels.

Volquartsen Fusion

As the Rimfire Tactical discipline evolves with more matches, and more participants, we’re learning what kind of hardware it takes to win. Thus far all sorts of rifles have turned in winning performances — Savage Mark IIs, CZs, “Souped-up” Ruger 10/22s, even Anschütz Silhouette and Biathlon rifles. What will prove to be the “Ultimate” Rimfire Tactical rifle? It just might be the impressive “Fusion” from Volquartsen Custom.

Volquartsen Fusion

The Volquartsen Fusion has the right components for Rimfire Tactical. There’s a stiff, free-floating tubular shroud (like an AR15 spacegun). This provides a rigid support for the bipod, and works well when shooting from barriers. The action features an integrated Picatinny rail so you can easily swap optics from your centerfire tactical rifle to the Fusion. The trigger is clean and crisp — WAY better than the standard trigger on a Ruger 10/22. The rear stock section has a near-vertical style grip and a high comb that work great when shooting prone. An integral comp on the barrel allows quick and precise follow-up shots, which is important because many Rimfire Tactical “scenarios” are on the clock.

Volquartsen Fusion

What’s also really cool about the Fusion is that you can swap barrels in under a minute with no special tools. So, you can shoot 22LR ammo in a tactical match, then switch to a 17 Mach 2 barrel to shoot varmints with the same rifle. (There is also a .17 HMR/.22 WMR model.) The switch-barrel design also allows the rifle to be broken down quickly and easily for compact storage. Watch the Video below. The last minute of the 3.5 minute video shows how easy it is to remove and swap barrels.

Fusion Take-Down VIDEO. Barrel Removal Starts at 2:25.

YouTube Preview Image

How much? The Fusion semi-auto, with BOTH .22LR and 17 Mach 2 Barrels, retails for $1,807.00. For more info, visit Volquartsen.com.

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