February 7th, 2009

Use Spacers to Neck-Size 6XC cases with 6BR Die

reloading die spacer ringsCredit German Salazar for this smart tip. 6XC dies tend to be pretty expensive. If you already have a 6BR neck-sizing die, you can use it to neck-size 6XC brass. Redding Reloading sells a set of three washers that raise the die in the press, part number 80901. Each kit includes three spacers: (.062) No-crimp or partial resizing, (.125) 44 Spl/44 Mag spacer, (.135) 38 Spl/357 Mag spacer. If you buy two sets ($7.11 each at Midsouth Shooters Supply) and use both 0.125″ spacers and one 0.135″ spacer then you can neck size 6XC cases with your 6BR neck sie without messing with the lock ring setting. You can also use the same spacers to switch pistol dies (e.g. between .38 Special and .357 Magnum). Hornady also sells inexpensive .135″ spacers to switch from .38 spl to .357.

Norma 6XC brass at Bruno’s
Speaking of the 6XC, Bruno Shooters Supply now has Norma-brand 6XC brass, item XCNB. Price is $0.68 per case, or $68.00 per hundred. This is very good brass that uses a large rifle primer, whereas the 6-6.5×47 Lapua uses small rifle or small rifle magnum primers.

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