March 27th, 2009

FREE One-Year NRA Membership

NRA free membership offer

Free NRA OfferHere’s an offer that should be hard to refuse. Now, for a limited time, the NRA is offering a “one-year gift membership” FREE for the first year. You read that right — you can get all the benefits of NRA membership for one year (including a magazine subscription) at NO Charge. The regular price for a one-year NRA membership is $35.00. This is a special web-only offer, available for a limited time.

If you sign up for the free membership, you’ll be allowed to select a magazine subscription. Choose from among American Rifleman, American Hunter, or America’s First Freedom.

CLICK HERE for FREE NRA Membership Offer.

CLICK HERE for a full list of NRA membership benefits, including insurance.

What’s the catch? Well there’s really none for the first year. However, you will be billed if you choose to renew your membership. Also anyone signing up should know that you’ll receive a lot of mail solicitations from the NRA. For this special web offer, the NRA also requires your email address and phone number. Please note — to enjoy all the insurance protections of the NRA you’ll need to fill out some additional online forms once you receive your membership number.

4/3/09 UPDATE: The NRA is still offering a free one-year membership. BUT they have changed the terms of the offer. Currently, if you click on the offer link above, you can get a membership, but NO MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION. A magazine subscription IS available if you sign up for a two-year “special offer” price of $25.00.

So… it’s still a good deal, but not as great a deal as before.

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March 27th, 2009

Load Tuning for the 6mm Dasher — Hoppe Talks

The 6mm Dasher is based on the 6mm BR cartridge with the shoulder blown forward about 0.100″ and “improved” to 40°. Case capacity is raised to about 41.0 grains. This allows the Dasher to drive 105-108gr bullets comfortably at 2970-3000 fps without over-stressing the brass. A popular load used by many successful Dasher shooters is 33.3 grains of Reloder 15, CCI 450 primers, with 105gr Berger VLDS, .010″ in the lands. This is a “warm load” and should only be used with fire-formed brass. As with any load, start 10% low and work up. You may also have good luck jumping the bullets .020″ or more.

Robert Hoppe is one of the top 600-yard shooters in the country. Last fall, shooting a 6 Dasher, Robert nailed a 0.5823″, 5-shot group. At the time it was the smallest group ever shot in 600-yard registered benchrest competition. Just last weekend, John Lewis shot even smaller with an IBS Heavy Gun, but Robert’s 0.5823″ still remains the NBRSA 600-yard record, and the smallest group ever shot at 600 by a 17-lb class rifle. Robert has been very successful in the 600-yard game, and he finished 5th recently at the NBRSA 600-yard competition. He knows how to wring the best accuracy out of the 6mm Dasher cartridge. Here Robert offers some tips on load development and tuning for the 6mm Dasher.

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