March 30th, 2009

Browning Releases T-Bolt Rimfires for Lefties

The Browning T-Bolt straight-pull rimfire rifle is an American classic, first produced from 1965 through 1975. In 2006 Browning wisely resumed production of the fast-cycling T-Bolt. We were pleased to see the re-introduction of the T-Bolt, as the unique action is smooth and quick to use. This makes the rifle well-suited for both varminting and the new “Rimfire Tactical” discipline. With enhanced materials and improved manufacturing methods, the new-generation T-Bolt is more reliable and smoother-operating than ever.

Browning T-Bolt rimfire

Browning Launches Left-Handed T-Bolts
Browning has added twelve new offerings to their T-Bolt rimfire rifle line for left-handed shooters. All the new models incorporate the basic design of the T-Bolt rifle but with the bolt on the left side. There are four new left-hand models in each caliber: .22 long rifle, .22 Winchester Magnum and .17 HMR.

Browning T-Bolt rimfire

On all T-Bolts (both right- and left-handed), receivers are drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Barrels are free-floated and have recessed crowns. T-Bolts feature a 3-lever, short-travel trigger design. Trigger pull weight is adjustable with an external screw and there is a convenient, thumb-operated tang safety.

Among the new T-Bolt models, we like the heavy-barreled Target/Varmint model. This has a satin finish checkered walnut stock with a Monte Carlo comb and wider fore-end. Suggested retail price for the .22 LR Target/Varmint is $719.00 and $729.00 for the .22 WinMag and .17 HMR guns. There is also a less expensive Sporter Model with a lighter-contour barrel.

Browning T-Bolt rimfire

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